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Triple M Bar Ranch is a family-owned and run ranch in Southeastern Colorado. We take pride in raising naturally grown lamb and Great Pyrenees guard dogs that are born and raised with our sheep. My husband, David and I are the main ranch hands. 

Our ranch headquarters sits on Buckeye Hill in Crowley County on the bluffs overlooking the Arkansas River Valley. We also have grazing land in the valley along the river. 


Triple M Bar launches CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Triple M Bar Ranch’s Winter 2014-2015 Lamb Meat CSA will run during the “off market season.” In return for purchasing a share, consumers receive a portion of Triple M Bar Ranch’s lamb meat from December 2014 through March 2015.

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Can Triple M Bar's flock create a Colorado lamb comeback? - 5/2/2013


"The bleating of sheep in the barn — cries of every timbre, pitch and volume — sounds like a clamorous outdoor market in the thick of the afternoon. Ewes and lambs alike call incessantly, straining to be heard. One young lamb, not even an hour old, mews softly in the yard. Mary Miller, one of the Ms behind Triple M Bar, gently picks up the lamb and takes her to the safety of the barn; the mother follows." 
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David Miller
Inducted into Colorado Conservation Hall of Fame in November 2012

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